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This Mobile Life

Dec 1, 2016

We chat with Alex Holmes, CMO from Influx. Influx helps you get customer support, done. They provide elastic support which is based on a transactional model. Influx focuses on assisting SaaS and eCommerce businesses. Alex is an online marketer by trade, having worked at Envato, Tripit and other online companies. In this episode we discuss: 1. Tell us about your background? 2. What's the difference between working in your own startup vs for a startup as an employee? 3. How is marketing different in a marketplace vs SaaS? 4 .What's your experience like at Envato? Its one of the unknown Australian success stories. 5. What is influx? 6. Who's your ideal customer and how do you reach them? 7. Have you seen any great examples of support for new products e.g. startup or more established company 8. If I'm launching a major release of my app / website, what's the co-ordination process like with support? 9. When should you outsource support vs keep it in-house? A source of learning for product team. 10. When do you know you have problems with scaling your support? 11. The difference between Customer support vs Customer success? 12. What's the startup scene like in Melbourne now? Links