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This Mobile Life

Oct 28, 2016

I chat with Jordan Sim, Group Product Manager at BigCommerce. He focuses on enabling and implementing strategic business development partnerships with the BigCommerce product. Jordan oversees two areas - order fulfilment and shipping logistics. He's launched and managed product integrations with Intuit Quickbooks, Alibaba, and led the transition of MagentoGo & eBay Prostore clients to BigCommerce. Previously, he's worked in consulting as a Senior Digital Strategist / UX Architect at Deloitte. Jordan has a strong background in User Experience and Interaction Design (platform agnostic - mobile, tablet and desktop), and is heavily invested in planning for and delivering the most effective experience for users. Here's what we discussed: 1. How did you get into product management? 2. How has your background in UX & interaction design helped you in your role as a PM? 3. What do you do as a product manager at BigCommerce? 4. What's the difference between being a PM & Group PM? 5. How do integrations differ from partnerships? What are the different types of partnerships? 6. Why partnerships is about relationships 7. You've been involved with launching and managing partnerships with BigCommerce ecosystem. What are the keys to success in these partnerships? 8. Do you look for partners or do they find you? How do you assess who to partner with? 9. What's the process of launching an integration with BigCommerce? 10. What happens post integration? 11. How do you measure success of a partnership? 12. Has there been a time where an integration hasn't gone well & you were able to turn it around? 13. Why are integrations are becoming more important in a cloud world? Links